Virgin Blogger

Ummm blogging! You’d think for a writer that blogging may seem like an easy enough thing to do. Nope! Completely foreign to me!

Yet a few wonderful women within the creative industries suggested I give it ago (thank you Honeycomb). After much discussion I’ve decided “what the hell”. So here we are. You and I. To break myself in gently I will be doing a bi-weekly blog. The subject matter?! Who knows! You will, no doubt, get a (scary) look into the workings of my mind. If anyone has anything they want me to talk about, discuss or want my opinion on (remember opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one!) then let me know.

So here we go… This one is about love (how trite) and time! But you’ll be pleased to know its a short and sweet observation.

Time is infinite. Time is fleeting. Time is change. Time is staying the same.  And “love” is all about the timing. They say, well Plato said, that there is one person for every person. For the most part I believe that to be true. Yet I also believe that there are many people for one person. By this I mean there are many different people that work in, what would seem like, perfect harmony with another person. The difference between “this one” and “the one” is timing. And the ability to seen them and be ready to hold them in your arms when they come along.

Love is a merry old dance. And like every dance routine the timing is essential. You need to be in time with your partner or quite frankly the dance looks like two bears having a fight in a tent.

To aid time along and save my toes being stomped on again my very wise (and younger) cousin suggested I write I list of things I “Do Not Want” in a partner, rather than a list of what I want. This would then weed out all the undesirable things we sometimes are too blind to see.

And it was that simple. A list, being ready and timing…

I’m very pleased to be dancing in time and no longer a bear!